The Tale of Raven's Cross


The year is 1349, at the height of the Black Death.  The pestilence has consumed over half of the world's population and thousands more are succumbing each day.

The ravages of the plague are unstoppable.  Scientists, clergy and healers, once bastions of hope, are now indistinguishable from torturers and murderers, as they perform unspeakably grotesque acts in an attempt to slow Death's advance.

About Us


For all their efforts, the plague only intensifies...


Fate has not been kind to the village of Raven's Cross.  The plague here has become more virulent, more devastating than ever before, mutating its victims, turning them into unrecognizable abominations.  The remaining townsfolk have turned on one another, compassion has disappeared.  Now, everyone is a threat.  No one is safe.  Fear has turned to paranoia.  Paranoia to Sadism.


At the point of deepest despair, the Doctor appears.  Once thought only to be a folktales, a bedtime story whispered at night to scare children.  He has manifested in our reality and is mercilessly purging the countryside of the infected.

Be wary as you enter Raven's Cross, half of you are dead already... You just don't know it yet...

Come, the Doctor is waiting....